Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis is a relationship-mapping research method that allows researchers to find and analyze patterns within a group.

January 2021
Distance Learning

Distance Education Data Collection

This website, created by AIR researchers, provides useful information to data reporters and to data users on the data elements related to distance education collected in IPEDS.

December 2020
Transfer Image

Transfer and Applicability of Credit

This call to action discusses the disproportionate impact from COVID-19 on Black, Latinx and Indigenous students, who have been hardest hit by practices and policies that result in credit loss when they transfer.

October 2020
Machine Learning

Predicting Dropout for Nontraditional Undergraduate Students: A Machine Learning Approach

This journal article discusses findings from a study in which researchers developed a machine learning classifier to predict nontraditional student dropout.

October 2020
Collaborating Across Discliplines

Collaborating Across Disciplines to Improve College Completion

In this video, our research teams discuss the benefits of participating in the College Completion Network, with a focus on how collaborating with fellow researchers and higher education practitioners is helping the teams provide high-quality, actionable evidence that can help move the dial on college completion.

September 2020
Higher Ed Who Pays?

Higher Ed: Who Pays?

AIR’s Dr. Rachel Dinkes joined panelists from academia, policymaking, and the U.S. higher education system to discuss who should foot the bill as postsecondary education expands in the United States.

July 2020
The Where of Going to College

The “Where” of Going to College: Residence, Migration, and Fall Enrollment

This blog post uses newly released provisional data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System’s (IPEDS) Fall Enrollment (EF) survey to provide an updated look at whether beginning college students are attending school in their home state or heading elsewhere.

June 2020

Introducing CARPE

In this video we introduce the Center for Applied Research in Postsecondary Education (CARPE) at the American Institutes for Research. CARPE is committed to improving postsecondary education for all students by generating rigorous evidence and connecting research and practice.

June 2020