To strengthen students’ pathways through postsecondary education and into in-demand careers, employers and colleges must work more closely together. Industry-led public‒private partnerships have tremendous potential to build and grow these employer‒college relationships, but little information is available on these partnerships and their postsecondary initiatives. This project aims to fill this gap and foster the growth of these initiatives by highlighting the features of industry-led public‒private partnerships’ initiatives with postsecondary institutions and providing lessons and opportunities for developing, sustaining, and scaling these initiatives. The project website hosts a report, geographic map, directory, and recorded webinar to foster information sharing.

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The project website hosts the Industry-Led Postsecondary Partnerships report, interactive map, and directory of industry-led postsecondary initiatives.


This webinar on industry-led public–private partnerships’ initiatives with postsecondary institutions was hosted by CARPE on June 8, 2023. The webinar highlights key findings from the study of these initiatives as well as showcase the study’s interactive map and website designed to foster connection between partnerships. The webinar concludes with a panel in which several leaders involved in these partnerships share lessons for developing, sustaining, and scaling postsecondary initiatives.