This infographic provides information learned from a follow-up study assessing longer term impacts of Early College High Schools on students’ postsecondary outcomes 6 years after expected high school graduation.

This infographic highlights seven lessons for building linked data systems that incorporate longer-term measures, including postsecondary education, workforce, and civic engagement outcomes.

This webinar featured a short presentation of research findings suggesting that credit-bearing credentials are worth about 17% more annually than non-credit-bearing credentials, and was followed by a discussion led by Candace Hester, Ph.D. with Scott Cheney, MPP, CEO of Credential Engine and Irma Perez-Johnson, Ph.D., vice president and Workforce Program Area director at AIR. Access the related slide deck here.

This infographic provides an overview of findings from a study on early college outcomes of Indiana students who received Pell Grants or 21st century scholarships.

In this op-ed, AIR researchers provide three key takeaways for policymakers who want to implement effective articulation policies to help community college transfer students complete their bachelor’s degrees.

This viewing guide provides information on a 25-minute television documentary detailing evidence-based interventions taking place in high schools and colleges to help Black students reach their postsecondary goals.

This infographic presents trends in Texas Hispanic student enrollment and performance in STEM.

This infographic examines five well-known, publicly available national college rankings systems chosen because of their widespread use and/or their focus on student outcomes.

This infographic provides an overview College Completion Network structure and activities.

This video provides a brief overview of social network analysis, a relationship-mapping research method that allows researchers to find and analyze patterns within a group.